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Dungeon Watch

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This is a community to discuss the Harry Potter RPG hp_dungeons, an WIP/RPG created by femmequixotic. To understand all of our discussions, I suggest you head on over to the main community, or the associated website. I assure you that it will be worth your while. Another good place to go is the Backstory Archive, housing all of those extra tidbits of information not found in the characters' journals.

Feel free to discuss anything: SHIPs, characters, possible plot developments... the characters aren't here (most of the time), although the authors may be. Have fun!

The Dungeons is a NC-17, slash-friendly community. If you are under the age of 17 and you choose to participate in any of the journals, please be aware that you do so without the prior knowledge or consent of any of the authors. We hold absolutely no legal, moral, or emotional responsibility for any situations that may arise from your doing so.

If you are under the age of 17 or the laws of your country or state forbid you from accessing material that could be considered pornographic in nature, please think carefully about your participation.

The Dungeons is not affiliated with nor endorsed by JKR, Scholastic, Bloomsbury, Warner Bros., or any corporate entity holding rights to the Potterverse. No profit is being made off this project.

Please note that as of July 16, 2005 Dungeons canon is no longer consistent with canon presented in Book 6. We will continue to adhere to canon established in Books 1-5.
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